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  • Factions

    WoodyCraft’s most popular gamemode! Form alliances with others in an effort to create the strongest group on the entire server.

  • Prison

    As an inmate you will fight, mine, chop, smelt, and hustle your way through twelve unique wards, unlocking new features along the way.

  • Survival

    Minecraft without bounds! Players have the option to create nearly anything within the canvas of a standard terrain world.

  • Survival Games

    WoodyCraft has revolutionized the classic Hunger Games experience by refining every aspect of the gamemode.

  • Blocks vs. Zombies

    A mob defense game mode where players will find themselves battling off a barrage of Zombies. Survive twenty minutes of constant attack and you’ll be rewarded with another day of breathing.

  • Event

    We spend months planning, designing, building, and developing these fantastic experiences. They are made to give back to our amazing community with a large array of prizes ranging from gaming peripherals to WoodyCraft store coupons, and more.

  • Speedrun

    Players are tasked with completing each of our beautiful courses in the fastest time possible in order to cement their legacy on the leaderboards.

  • Skyblock

    Start from a simple island and use your limited resources to progress and grow your island into a magnificent creation.

  • Skywars

    Skywars pits players against each other on a familiar collection of floating islands. They are tasked with using their starting resources to conquer other islands, or take the risk and venture to the dangerous center island for superior loot.

  • KitPvP

    Select from a variety of unique classes, each with its own perks, and take on other opponents.

  • Creative

    Players are able to claim a forty five by forty five block plot within our expansive world to do whatever they please.

  • Spleef+

    Spleef+ pits you against other competitors in a spleef match like never before. Scattered around the map are various blocks, each of which provide its own benefit for a limited time.

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